Check it's not an emergency.

Call 111 or 999 for urgent medical help if you have any of these as your request will not be seen immediately.

  • Crushing chest pain and tightness
  • New drooping on one side of the face, slurred speech, difficulty raising your arms, weakness, or numbness on one side of your body.
  • Severe difficulty breathing
  • Heavy bleeding that won't stop
  • Severe injuries
  • Feeling suicidal, wanting to harm yourself, or others.

Before contacting us, please consider the following.

Self-Help Hub

  • For all administrative queries, to include new & ongoing Sick / Fit Note request, please click here.
  • For medication requests, please click here.

To request an Urgent Appointment

Please contact us either via the NHS Wales App or call the surgery.

If calling the surgery, a member of our reception team will ask you some questions about why you need an appointment.  Your responses will help the receptionist navigate you to the most appropriate member of the clinical team.

Initially, you will be offered a telephone consultation with a clinician.  The clinician may decide to follow up the telephone call with a face-to-face consultation.

Contact the surgery on 01633 482733


If you cannot attend an appointment for any reason, please inform us as soon as possible either via the NHS Wales App or call the surgery.  By cancelling your appointment, you will free up time that can be given to another patient.

Alternatively, if your appointment is due to take place in more than 2 days in the future, you can fill in the form below.

Cancel my appointment